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Registration Fee: $100

The Private Equity Play Webinar 

In "The Private Equity Play" Mike Lorelli will take you a mile wide, and a foot deep into how the private equity model works, the economics of the deal, how to “speak their speak,” and how to target private equity firms. You don't need to be on the buy side or sell side of the private equity equation to find this webinar of value and interest. It will broaden everyone’s understanding of this major component of the capital markets. And help you be a better Board candidate for a private equity portfolio company.

Key topics include private equity history, returns, where the money comes from, the private equity model, compensation, performance measures, the primary return drivers, and what’s making the headlines today.

Mike is presently an Operating Partner at Falconhead Capital, and Executive Chairman of the Board of one of their portfolio companies, Rita’s Italian Ices.  He previously led four private equity engagements and claims he's "going to do it until he gets it right." Dr. John Rutledge, Chairman of Rutledge Capital, has said: “I would invade China with Mike alone in a rubber boat.” 

Mike Lorelli’s career spans a wide-range of consumer products and services, and B2B categories, with responsibilities for both domestic and international units. His years as a line-operating manager have been with Fortune 100 companies: PepsiCo and Bristol Myers Squibb. His two PepsiCo division President assignments included President of Pizza Hut’s international division, where he led a “Global Or Bust” charge, surpassing McDonalds in country count.  Previously, he held the CMO role for PepsiCo’s beverage sector. He is also on the Boards of CP Kelco, Javo Beverage, and iControl.

Mike is a BoardProspects loyalist, and his “Landing Board Seats” webinar is featured on our website.

Format: Live Webinar
Presenter: Michael K Lorelli - Chairman of the Board Rita's Italian Ices
Level: Advanced
Length: 90 mins

Registration Fee: $149

Landing Board Seats Webinar


Landing Board Seats is a concise, 60 minute webinar designed to help make yourself marketable as a serious Board of Director candidate. The stark reality is that are only 58,000 Outside Board seats in the US, so if you get the interview, you need to get on 2nd base. But what do YOU do to get the calls? The webinar takes you through:

  • Understanding your reasons for seeking Board work
  • The right path to muscle-build your Board credentials
  • Creating your messaging:
    • Your Board Bio (different than your standard Bio)
    • Your Board resume (different than your resume)
    • Your LinkedIn profile. It’s not just about your outbound marketing. You want to be “found” as recruiters find candidates on LinkedIn
    • Crafting your value proposition
    • Your elevator speech
  • Going to market

Your desired approach is a carefully developed marketing plan to enhance your attractiveness as an Outside Director candidate, and build your confidence to deliver the knock-out punch in the interview process.

The webinar covers the critical interview questions, and helps you crisply construct your answers, in a way that is natural to you.

Having your personal ‘Skills Map’ that shows how you fit a Board functional or experience void is one of many aspects to have ready to be ‘delivered’ verbally, and perhaps also in your material submissions to the recruiter, or other executive leading the search process.

Format: Live Webinar
Presenter: Michael K Lorelli - Chairman of the Board Rita's Italian Ices
Level: Advanced
Length: 60 mins

Registration Fee: $75

The Board’s Role in Brand Building

 A corporate brand sets a company apart from competitors, but brands are often the least understood asset in the company. This is because internally grown, intangible assets like the corporate brand don’t show up on the balance sheet. Thus, management and boards overlook this valuable tool. This is a serious oversight, because intangible assets, including brands, have grown from less than 20% of the total enterprise value in 1975 to more than 80% today. This calls for the board and the CEO to work together to manage the corporate brand.

This session will introduce the role the board of directors should play in making sure this intangible asset is nurtured, measured, valued and incorporated into the enterprise- building actions that drive the growth of the company. The board needs to hold the CEO accountable for monitoring the health and managing the growth of this critical asset.

This session will provide the context of how corporate brands are built. You will learn how brands create value and how they should be managed, measured and valued over time. Using case studies drawn from CoreBrand’s Corporate Branding Index®, you will learn about best practices about how to govern brand value. You will also receive a guide to share with board directors and management about why brands matter and what to do to leverage this asset.

Class format: Pre-recorded video seminar
Instructor: James R. Gregory (Chairman, CoreBrand)
Level: Advanced
Length: 44 mins

Seminar Price: $99

Introductory Offer: $75

Introduction to Board Service

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World-renowned corporate governance expert, Dr. Donna Hamlin, and board members from Microsoft, Hewlett-Packard and General Motors provide an excellent introduction to the realm of board service. Topics covered include:

  • Types of boards (Board of Directors/Trustees; Advisory Boards, etc.) and how they are utilized in different corporations (public, private, municipal and non-profit)
  • Board operations
  • Committee structure
  • Requirements/expectations of board members)
  • Fiduciary duties
  • Bylaws/Articles of Organization
  • Potential liability exposure of board members
  • Diversity in the boardroom
  • Recruitment to a board
  • What makes a great board member

This seminar provides a valuable overview of what it means to be a board member and provides the essential information necessary to excel in board service.

Class format: Pre-recorded video seminar
Professor: Dr. Donna M. Hamlin. CEO of Intrabond Capital U.S.
Level: Introductory
Length: 78 mins (divided into 3 segments)
Examination: Yes- 25 question Quiz (multiple choice and true/false): 70% required to pass.
Credit(s): Introduction to Board Service Badge on your BoardProspects' Profile.